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AICSS (All Ireland Collie & Sheepdog Society)

The Rough Collie Breed Specialist Club

Pups for Sale

only the litters of CLUB MEMBERS will be listed on this page. Club members may submit details to Maureen Timmins. 

Enquiries for pups - please email   

Last updated 15th November 2021

NOTE. Prices vary amongst breeders. The average price for Rough Collie puppies from reputable breeders is currently €800 to €1400. The AICSS believes that excellent quality pups are available from our members within this average price range - however, it is ultimately between buyer and seller. The club cannot be held responsible for any issues between the buyer and seller. 

The AICSS is simply advising of the AVERAGE price for information purposes only – and takes no responsibility. 

GDPR. Potential buyers who contact the AICSS may have their email address shared with AICSS member breeders, but we never share information with third parties.